Conditions and application information for unsecured loans

personal micro-loan is a loan is issued temporary consumer needs in a period of less than 1 year, the amount is below 20,000 yuan and do not need to provide collateral. Borrowers can mean in China has permanent residence permanent residence and a local towns (or valid residence certificate), Chinese citizens have full capacity for civil conduct. 04 years after, in order to make up for the traditional commercial banking services gap, gradually introduced a series of policies continue to trend toward professional personal unsecured micro-credit enterprises. Apply for unsecured loans to individuals what are the conditions?

personal handle no mortgage loan borrowing people conditions

  application personal handle no mortgage loan of borrowing people needed has following conditions:

1, and in China territory has fixed residence, and has local town resident account (or effective live proved), and has completely civil capacity of China citizens;

2, and has due of career and stable of economic income (months wage sex income needed in 2000 Yuan above), has regular reimbursement loan principal and interest of capacity ;

3, and borrowing people where units must is by loan people recognized of and and loan people has good cooperation relationship of administrative and the enterprises, and institutions and needed by loan people generation sent wage;

4, and law-abiding, no violations and the bad credit records;

  personal handle no mortgage loan loan of term, and interest rate

  (a) personal small short-term credit loan term in 1-2 years (containing) following.

  (b) petty short-term credit loans interest rate short-term lending rates in accordance with the rules of implementation.

  (c) petty short-term line of credit beginning for 2000, the maximum loan amount does not exceed the borrower's average monthly wage of 6 times, and up to 20,000 yuan.

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