Mortgage loan notes

real estate mortgage bank loans a borrower to purchase mortgage, lenders to borrowers to provide a package of financial services to meet their housing, parking spaces, large consumer goods, automobiles and various needs such as home improvement loans. Property mortgage bank loan, general need through professional of real estate guarantees company to handle, property mortgage loan has became residents personal real estate financial of a important means, through mortgage loan of way loan out funds to meet temporary of consumption needs or enterprise business needs, activate residents hands by holds of real estate, and in various financing channel in the, property mortgage bank loan still is cost minimum of way one of.

  mortgage loan conditions:

  years of housing in less than 20 years;

  housing area of Bank requirements vary;

  House have a strong liquidity; General requirements for housing, apartments, shops and offices.

  property mortgage bank loan of application information

1. property 2. right people and the spouse of ID 3. right people and the spouse of account this 4. right people of marriage proved (marriage certificate or Civil Affairs Bureau issued of unmarried proved) 5. income proved 6. as property right people has minor children, please provides was born card 7. as property within also has Bank loan, please provides original loan contract and the last a period of Bank on account single 8. for improve loan through rate, Please provide proof of other family property as much as possible, (such as the certificates of other property, stocks, funds, cash book, vehicles travel card, and so on)

  mortgage loan operations guide

1, apply. Customer written loan application to the Bank, and submitted relevant information;

2, sign a contract. Loan applicants after receiving the notice of Bank loan approval and lender sign a loan contract with the Bank and the corresponding security contract, legalization and, as appropriate, insurance and inward (MS) charge registration procedures;

3, lending. The Bank agreed to release the loan, after completing the relevant formalities, the Bank agreed in the loan contract, loan or its part into the sales person within the Bank to open a savings account;

4, regular repayments. Borrower by contract for loan repayment plan, and pay back the loan to repay the principal and interest;

5, loan closing. Loan closing include normal settlement and early settlement in two ways.

â‘ the settlement: the loan's due date (one-time debt classes) or the last life (amortization class) settlement loan

II early settlement: due date of the loan, borrowers such as part or all of the outstanding loans in advance shall be as agreed in the loan contract, to apply to the Bank in advance, after approval by the Bank to the specified accounting counters for repayment. After the loan closing, the borrower shall hold valid identity documents and bank loans picked up her legal custody by a bank settlement voucher vouchers and supporting documents, and loan closing documents to the original mortgage mortgage registration formalities sector.

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