Unsecured personal loan application

unsecured personal loans are: no mortgage and consumer credit loan personal credit alone. The unsecured loan is primarily for personal address some emergency financial needs, including travel expenses, medical expenses, tax expenditures and spending on education, and so on. Because the Bank is provided to individuals without the mortgage loan, Bank audit unsecured personal credit loan application when will mainly be focused on taking into account the following factors:

  (1) personal credit records, especially in this bank account between credit history of the applicant, the applicant whether there has been bad behavior such as overdrafts, bounced.

  (2) personal debt ratio. Under normal circumstances, banks only if the debt-servicing burden of no more than its net income of the applicant 25% case, will consider making unsecured loans to applicants.

  (3) individual employment records. General standards for bank master is, the applicant should have a stable job, can obtain reliable income, can afford to pay back the loan.

  (4), the maximum loan size. Determination of the maximum loan, mainly to see the candidates ' basic income level, debt and loan terms, and make comprehensive assessment. General criterion is that the unsecured personal loans should not exceed 1.5 times times the monthly income of the applicant.

  (5) the term of the loan. Due to tourism, to pay personal income tax purposes loan term bank loans in a year's time. On other aspects of the use of loans, bank loans typically have no more than two years.

  (6) mortgage rates. For such loans, preferential interest rates by banks generally tend to provide loans. Can audit access to credit without collateral by the Bank, are low-risk types of bank customers should get a better interest rate.

  (7) personal insurance. Although unsecured personal loans do not require borrowers to provide collateral, but banks still have to take into account if a borrower death, disability and other accident situations, how to recoup their loan problems. The most common way is to find out whether borrowers with private insurance, coverage are met. If not, the Bank will sell life insurance and disability insurance to borrowers.

 , you have to do more than satisfy, you can hold the Bank can prove that some of the above information, you'll be asked to fill out, after passing the examination, they can, but the review period has been mixed.

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